Monday, 10 June 2013

Sick of being sick now. :(

Monday (is it still only Monday?!) is usually a long day as its the first day of the week, and Mark permitting I 'work' all day. Today seems to have took it out of me much more than usual but I'm putting that down to this daft bug not being fully gone yet. I feel SO much better than I did but still not eating so that is draining as it is.
Mark had a Drs appointment after school which ran on long so by the time he came out I admit I was pulling my hair out as the kids were getting hyper. To calm them down (and save me cooking) we took them out to dinner. back to that cheap place we went to the other week, was great as Monday and Tuesday kids eat for only £1! There was a huge 'Mr Bean' episode playing on the wall too so kept them quiet while Daddy ate and Mummy relaxed. I did try and get a photo of Caitlin but the little nutter dived under the table just as I snapped it!

Well early night tonight I'm thinking. We're going to see Jimmy Carr tomorrow night which I'm slightly dreading! Reaaallllllly hope my cough is gone by then!!!!

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