Sunday, 23 June 2013


Today I took Caitlin to a birthday party. I'm kinda glad I did as I'm always worried about Caitlin interacting with other kids. The problem is is that she's far too much like me, she prefers her own company. I don't have any 'friends' seriously not a one. I have loads of people who I talk to online and meet up with every now and again, but day to day friends in 'real life' I just don't have. I did, but then Mark got sick and everyone dissapeared as they struggled to understand why I couldn't go out and leave my husband home alone. Also lets be honest the fact he was threatening to kill people once or twice a week didn't help matters lol. (his meds are sorted now so he doesn't do that anymore :P) I've always been the odd one out though, I never watched the right TV shows, wore the right clothes, said the right thing, I just wasn't the type of girl to have a BFF. Unfortunately Caitlin seems to be the same. Even at this age the girls in Caitlins class have their own little cliques and shes not really in any of them. I've asked the teacher about this and shes not concerned, she described Caitlin as more of a social butterfly, happily flitting from one person to the next and if they don't want to play its a shrug of the sholders and she moves on. Now this sounds great but I was like that, fine until I got older and these cliques became more obvious. I wasn't in one so didn't go to the birthday parties, the sleepovers, and when I hit senior school I was an easy target for bullies. Cameron on the other hand is a different kettle of fish altogether. That boy walks onto the playground and he gets mobbed by kids wanting to play with him.
Ok went off topic there, basically what I'm getting at is that it made me feel better to see her playing with other kids. While I see what the teacher is saying, she flits about from activity to activity, she was welcomed everywhere she went, with many kids approaching her to play with them as well. Hopefully she will find her own group as she gets older but for now I'm going to have to do what I said my Mum should do when I was young and she used to try and force me in social activities I didnt want to do and just leave her to her alone. lol.


  1. I was the same at school, the outsider cos I liked Bon Jovi and rock music, and spookily I'm the same as you now all my friends are online I probably only have 4 friends locally. My BFF i was friends with since i was 6 I dont talk to anymore as i finally woke up and realised she belittled me and generally wasnt a nice person and she didnt like it when I stood up for myself.

    It's nice that Caitlin can just fit in with different groups, it shows she's friendly and liked by others otherwise they wouldn't let her join in

    1. Aww love, I think you're cool :) We need to get together again soon!

  2. Aw Gem, I'm sure she will be fine and I'm always here if you need me :) x


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