Tuesday, 18 June 2013


My mojo really seems to have made a reappearance :) Did this layout yesterday and another one tonight.
Ok so one a day isn't a huge amount but more than I've done for a while lol. The photos are front Caitlins first day of school, love how happy and excited she looks. The novelty has worn off now and it's a bit of a battle to get her there each morning so nice to have proof that she once WANTED to go.The banner across the bottom reads 'forever, cherish, love, dream, imagine, belive, hope' which I liked as a first day sentiment. The sticker above the camera reads

'To my little princess, I hope that you can see, I've locked you in my heart and thrown away the key'.

 I've kept this one for a while as I loved it but I decided to use it here as it sums up how I feel as shes growing up, she can get older, go to school, move away, but she will always be my baby girl. :)
She will also always be my crazy baby girl lol. Those who read often, or know Caitlin know she is a stubborn little madam (no idea where she gets it from of course) she brought home a work sheet today from school which I think sums her up to a tee. The idea on the sheet was to finish the pattern, so if it went 'sun, flower, sun, flower' obviously you would draw a sun, then a flower. Not my daughter. Hers went 'Gnome, flower, hand drawn sun with smiley face, Gnome, flower, hand drawn sun with smiley face' lol. I asked her why she did that and she said 'I wanted to do a sun' Well, obviously! Can't argue though as she did technically follow the pattern, she just added an extra bit to it *rolls eyes*.
She was on top form today in general, some of her best comments were:

caitlin - Why do I have to go to bed?!
Me - Because its bedtime, besides you always moan in the morning you want more sleep.
Caitlin - Thats because I like to sleep in the morning, not at night!

Caitlin - Poor people don't belive in God, that's why they're poor.

Playing with my photos
Me - Those arn't yours don't touch them.
Caitlin - But they're pictures of me.
Me - Yes but they're my photos.
Caitlin - But its my face!

I've said it before and I'd say it again, god help me when shes a teenager.


  1. Lovely page, lovely photos.
    I do wonder where she gets her stubbornness from!
    Gotta love her comments and questions :)

  2. fabulous layout! love the little conversation! jenx

  3. Children say the cutest thing and most of the time you can't argue with their logic! I wished now that I'd kept a record of all the funny things my two said because 20 years or more down the line, I've forgotten most of them.

  4. Awww she is so cute, I always smile reading all her comments, that is one very clever little girl you have there. Glad your mojo is back, beautiful layout and I love the saying :)


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