Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bad mummy but great daddy :)

Well today is Fathers day and both me and my kids are very lucky to have amazing Dads :) Mark is a great dad to the kids, always happy to play or help with homework as much as he can. He has much more patience than I do and never feels silly playing dolls or cars. Brian is just the same as a Granddad. The kids are getting to the age where they recognise I call him Brian and not Dad but I always tell them there are two types of Daddies, those who help Mummys make you, and those who love you and take care of you and Brian is definetly the latter. :)
So today started off like most fathers days will have, me making a huge breakfast for Mark to have in bed lol. 2 egg muffins, 2 huge bacon rolls and a cup of tea later and he was cuddled up on the couch with the kids watching tv.
We had planned to go to Dads group but kids wanted to stay home so had a quiet morning playing then visted my Mum and Dad to give hime his gift and see how mum was holding up. Obviously with this being the first fathers day since we lost granddad she found it hard but she said having the kids round for abit helped. She had gone down to grannies and planted a tree for Granddad which was a lovely idea I thought.
So while the Daddies are in the good books Mummy is in the bad books lol. I've made them do homework, get baths and tidy up! And not only that I've tidied out Caitlins wardrobe and got rid of the clothes that don't fit or have seen better days. Even Caitlins fave cardigain. Shes worn it to death and I did let her wear it around the house for a while after it became too rough to wear outdoors but its getting to daft stage now, its halfway up her arm! And it's got nothing to do with the fact I love the buttons for scrapping. Honest. :p

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