Thursday, 27 June 2013

'To do list' almost done!

This morning Caitlin didn't want any breakfast, that should have been my first clue something was up. Few moments after getting her teeth brushed, and herself all washed and cleaned and sorted, it became obvious she had a poorly tummy. :( Not the best start to my day! After cleaning her up again, giving lots of cuddles and calming her down I snuggled her up back in her bed and resigned myself to the fact I wouldn't be working at the school this morning either. Swear Thursday mornings are cursed.
With Caitlin being off though it's given me plenty of time to get things done. :) Usually when I'm home I'm downstairs doing jobs, as that's where Mark is. Today though as Caitlin was upstairs I focused more on our bedroom and the jobs upstairs and got loads done :) All the washing is now sorted and put away, HUGE scary pile of ironing pretty much done and the bedrooms all dusted and hoovered. Also paid some bills which was much less fun :( Had £648 this morning, now I have £1.75 lol.
Well after sleeping most of the morning Caitlin seems much better. She had a slice of toast earlier and that seems to have been fine so I relented and let her share a packet of crisps with Daddy. It does seem like something she ate didn't agree with her but she had the same dinner as the rest of us so no idea. :s
Well after wrapping and making tags/cards last night I'm hoping to do some scrapping tonight :) Watch this space lol.


  1. Well done on getting so much done - love the unusual angle for this photograph - are you looking down from upstairs or standing on steps?

    1. No I'm just standing over them lol. Ikwym though does look like I'm really tall! Lol

  2. Always good to tick things off a list - there's far too much on mine for today :(


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