Friday, 21 June 2013

My cat is evil

Now I've always said our cat is evil. She wipes her dirty paws on my clothes, sats on my layout after I gave her a bath, and constantly climbs in through the window even though she knows shes not allowed. She did it when we first got her then we trained her out of it, shes not done it in years but started to again lately, why I don't know lol. Anyway it really drives mark mad, particually when she jumps in the little window by his desk as she knocks over all his stuff. So, last night Mark went to his friends house for a little while, as soon as he was out the door, Bella took up position here.

Right in front of the TV, by Marks desk. Now she NEVER does this when hes home so I really think this is her way of saying f**k you I'll sit where I like lol. Told you, she's evil.
Well tonight Caitlin is staying at my Mums so the boys are watching TV and I'm doing ironing. Not exactly the most exciting Friday night but the ironing pile is getting scary again so got to be done.

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  1. Maybe that's her way of saying I'm going to do this (the picture on the tv) to you - hahahaaaaa!!!!


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