Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bike progress

Sunday is usually a relaxing day at our house, kids are tired from the week and so are the grown-ups so nice to sit and watch TV or play games together. As my Mum is going away this week with my sister and the girls her and my Dad came over for a bit to see the kids. They had been playing on their bikes all morning and I had suggested that the stabilisers get removed but that was a big NO from both kids. Then Granddad came round and suggested the stabilisers get removed, great idea Granddad! *sigh* Oh well they got removed lol.
While the men were out encouraging the kids to ride their bikes Mum and I were looking at old photos I found the other night. Look at these ones! How cute are they lol.
One morning when the kids were young I fell asleep on the couch, I woke up to find Cameron had got a tub of talc from somewhere and had covered the livingroom (and his sister!) in it.
Look at my babies! All grown up now :(


  1. They grow oh so quickly :(

  2. Lol my mum has got a similar one of my brother. He was playing Thomas the Tank engine and decided it needed to be snowing!

  3. Lol how cute are those photos, just love the look of complete happiness on Cameron's face, he is just so pleased with himself! :D


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