Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sports day, day one

Today was Caitlins sports day :) I was nervous about this one as the other night she woke up late, really upset and not wanting to do it. One race she was particually worried about was crawling under the tables, so as you do we ended up having crawling races down the hall at 11:30 at night lol. Must have helped as she loved it on the day :)
They didn't do individual races really, each class would all do an activity and score points on how many children completed it. At the end all the points were added up and the class with the most points were the winners. Caitlins class won! I was so excited when they said 'Group K' I started screaming lol. I think it means much more to the parents than the kids really. That said Caitlin was thrilled, they all got to run around the field showing off their medals and they were all squealing and throwing their arms in the air. Was great to see :)
I was so pleased Caitlin won, but OH MY GOD did she come home with an attitude! No joke when it was bedtime I told her to go get her teeth done, this was the conversation:

Me - Caitlin time to get your teeth brushed.
Caitlin - I don't want to!
Me - Tough, go get them done.
Caitlin - Thats it!!
Me - (bellowing) Thats WHAT young lady?!
Caitlin - (suddenly very timid) I don't know?
Me - Too right, don't you threaten me unless you can back it up now get in the bathroom!
Caitlin glares and me and stamps off.

How old is she again? 5 going on 14? Ugh. Someone tell me it gets better. You don't need to be truthful, lol.


  1. Well done Caitlin! I remember dong a similar race where we had to go over the tables too, they were wobbly and really scary!

  2. Do they not do running races now? Crawling under tables - seriously????? Uh ...

  3. I'm sure it will get better but I do love your "you and Cailtin" conversations :)


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