Thursday, 20 June 2013

Cheating lol

Ok so I know I'm cheating on my resoultion but oh well who's going to tell me off. :p It's now Monday morning but I'm choosing to blog this as though it's Thursday, so just go along with me here :)
So today didn't quite go to plan. I was supposed to go into the school for a bit this morning but Mark had one of his headaches and was suffering really bad from hay fever so I stayed home. It's weird really, he used to have hay fever until he had the transplant then it stopped; pretty random for it to suddenly come back but there you go.
Well this morning I was going though e-mails and I found one with a picture of this cup.
Ok so it's a cow style cup but a while ago this cup was SUCH a big part of our life I can't believe I ever forgot about it! When Cameron was a toddler he refused to use a cup, any type of cup. We spent a small fortune on ones with straws, ones with lids, ones without, he was having none of it. Then we were in Boots one day and he spotted this little cow cup, which was probably the cheapest ones of all the cups there, and he grabbed it. That was it, the ONLY cup he would drink from. We were just so thrilled he had mastered drinking from a cup and finally gave up the bottle! We ended up having about 5 of them in the cupboard in case one got lost or broke. The things we do for our kids, lol.


  1. I WANT one, the little handles remind me of e penguin though, not a cow ;)

    1. Oh my blumming God Lesley you have just explained that whole thing to me. cameron was obsessed with this cup, and also penguins growing up. He LOVED happy feet and had a stuffed penguin called Mumble that went everywhere with him. I bet this looked like a penguin to him too!


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