Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sketchy scrappers

Ok so I'm late to upload this but something is up with my netbook. For some reason when I put my camera memory card in it, or attach my phone to it its not registering its there, so the only way to upload photos is to either use Marks computer (yeah right) or to take a photo on my phone, upload it to facebook, save it to my computer then put it where I need it. A lot of hassle for a photo *rolls eyes*
Anyway this is the skecth we were given

And this is the layout I did. :) I always struggle using overlays as I think they look good, but tend to mute any colours under them. This one isn't too bad though and I've stuck a few bits on the top too to give some depth.

My crafty 'to do' list is getting long again. Its good really as I need a deadline to make me get things done sometimes. On the list this time are some cards for upcoming birthdays/fathers day, a mini book for Caitlins homework and a minibook for my Gran. I've kinda been putting this off as I said I would do a minibook of photos of flowers from Grandads funeral and I really don't think anything I will do will be good enough, (in my mind not grannys) but can't put it off forever. Think I'll do caitlins minibeast minibook first though, put it off for a little while more, :)


  1. Better late than never - I'm the same as you, work better when I've got a deadline :)

  2. Awww that is really lovely layout - must admit I am never sure what to do with overlays. Good luck with getting your minibooks done!!

  3. Like how you rotated the sketch to suit your photos. Lovely bold bright colours too.x

  4. Great layout, I love the way you've flipped the sketch x


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