Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Do I HAVE to go??

Ugh, Jimmy Carr today and I'm still coughing and spluttering. We're 3 rows from the front and I'm seriously dreading getting picked on! Did try and get out of it but my Dad is on nights and nobody else drives so Mark wouldn't be able to go if I didn't and since they were his birthday gift last year might be a bit mean lol. Might have a glass of wine beforehand for courage!
Well I'm getting there with crafting :) Caitlins book is almost done. Didn't do anything huge as obviously its just a few facts for her class but she's pleased with it :) Also managed a layout too.

I haven't done the journaling on it yet but the photos are of Cameron at his cousins christening a while ago. There was a magician there who asked him to help with a spell. Cameron had to say magic words and hit the tin with the wand to make sweets appear. The first time though it went wrong so a giant, fuzzy spider appeared. He asked Cameron to try again btu you can see by his face he wasn't too keen!

He did manage it though and got some sweets. :)


  1. That's a super page. I don't blame Cameron for not wanting another go if he got a hairy spider when he was expecting sweets! Hope you are enjoying the show and not drawing attention to yourself. LOL
    Sue x

  2. Hope you are still on the mend and you didn't get picked on!!

  3. Oh bless and children are so impressionable at that age aren't they!

    Love the layout such pretty colours!

  4. Hope you enjoyed your evening and that you didn't get picked on. I have a huge dislike of magicians after being picked on by one as a child and being made to be his very unwilling assistant. Lovely layout - Cameron's face says it all LOL x


Thanks for your comments. :)