Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Before my messy work area, today was Camerons sports day :) I was a bit worried as he's not the best loser but he did really well. The rules were different to when caitlins year did it, this time there were lots of different races, egg and spoon, obstacle course, skipping etc, and each child could pick two to do. Cameron picked 'football' where you kick the ball down the track and try and cross the finish line first, and the obstacle course. My heart went out to the poor kid though, Cameron is very black and white, these are the rules, this is how it should be, one of the main reasons I'm sure he has some form of Aspergers. Anyway, before the race had even started I said to my Gran Cameron would lose, I knew the ball would go all over the place and while other kids would just follow it and keep going, Cameron would take it back to his lane and start again. Yep I was right, he was halfway down the lane when everyone else was getting their stickers for finishing. He was a good sport about it though and I was proud that he stood by the rules even though he lost. The obstacle course was even worse lol. The rules were you run forward down the track where you would reach a hula hoop, you had to go through that to reach 3 small bean bags. You had to pick up ONE beanbag, race forward to another hoop and put it in, race back to get another etc. Cameron and one other boy did it right, everyone else just took all 3 bags the first time. Obviously Cameron lost. Credit to the school though, Cameron, the boy and the 2 boys from the second round who did it right got to race again at the end, this time they all did it right and Cameron won! He was very proud of his gold medal badge. :) Was a weight off my sholders too that he'd at least got one sticker lol. Didn't get a chance to get a photo unfortunately as they went right back to class but he was pleased with himself :)
As usual, whats on my workdesk is a mess lol. This week is a little different though, July is very much birthday month is our family. There's my cousins twins, then mine, my niece Mollie, my sister then my niece Mollie; obviously have all the end of school gifts for teachers too, so expencive month! So right now my rug is covered with gifts which need wrapping and cards and tags which need decorating.

So lots of things to do. Easy things though and will use up lots of scraps. Mollies gift is a scrapbook kit which doesn't really come with too much so I've opened the box and I'm punching lots of butterflies and other shapes into it to bulk it up a bit.
Before all that though I've got to sort out my photos on the computer again. I'm dreadful for leaving it for ages and it becomes a huge job, I always swear I won't leave it that long again but I always do. Looking tonight I have just over 200 photos to sort out and hopefully get developed soon. I still have loads of photos to scrap but I'm getting a bit bored looking at them now lol. Really need a good cyber crop or blog hop to get some used up :)

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  1. I've just sorted all me photos, took ages, should do it more often!


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