Monday, 3 June 2013


Well today was usual dull Monday stuff, so rather than tell you about that I'll tell you about yesterday :) Obviously yesterdays blog post was about pick your precious but it was also my nieces third birthday. We had originally planned to go to a local fun park but my sisters car ended up in the garage so that was out. Instead we just went to play at my Mums which turned out to be great fun, despite the fact I got sunburned lol. My mum put out some crisps and a slip and slide and the kids had a great time. We got Lillie a DVD, wooly and tig, I'd never heard of it but she apprently loves it and she was thrilled when she opened it. Actually hugged it bless her!

Kids playing in the sunshine. :)

The party went on way longer than we had planned with the girls not going home until gone 5. By this point neither me or my Mum could be bothered cooking so suggested going out to dinner. Theres a resturant nearby that was built a couple of months ago and I was told it was really cheap, had never been though so decided to give it a go. Omg was SO cheap! Meals, drinks and puddings for all 4 of us was just over £20. Can't argue with that :) Mark offered to pay out of his 'pocket money' which I thought was really sweet of him. :) Obviously with his illness he rarely gets to take me out so was nice to feel spoiled for once. Couldn't believe it though, was sitting, minding my own business when suddenly felt something cold on my back, turned to find out some guy had tripped and spilt a pint down my back! He was really apologetic so was more funny than mad but could only happen to me, lol. My Mum said it would be sods law I'd get pulled over for something on the way home, would be interesting trying to convince the police I'd only had a coke when I was stinking of drink! lol


  1. Look like they all had a great time :)

  2. Oh dear, you did make me laugh about the drink! It is the sort of thing that happens to me! Looks like the children had a lovely time :)


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