Saturday, 1 June 2013


A while ago my Mum phoned me and asked what a Capital letter and a lower case letter were. Used to odd phone calls like this I told her then asked why, lol. Turned out she was booking photos for the musical hairspray and needed to do a password containing both. Ohhhh I want to to come too! I shouted at her, think I surprised her :) Anyway today was musical day, so my Dad drove me, my sister, my mum and my oldest niece Mollie down to Birmingham to see it. Was a little gutted when there as there were loads of posters up about the Lion king musical which I would LOVE to see but we can't afford the train, and I don't have the confidence to drive so its a bit of a pipe dream at the moment, maybe next year :)

Mollie quite excited :)
The show was great though, really funny though very adult in some places. I say adult but some of it went right over my sisters head lol. At one point a boy is emptying his pockets and he pulls out a 'rubber' much to the crowds laughter. Sister later asks me, 'why was it funny he had a pencil rubber?' Its becoming much more clear why she has 3, unplanned children. lol.


  1. Rolling round laughing at your last comment!! Glad you enjoyed it - it is one of my favourites of the more modern musicals


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