Monday, 19 August 2013

and relax!

Today saw me doing the annual 'school uniform shop' along with many, many other stressed out mums in our town. Seriously Asda was crazy!! If I had a pack of white, ankle socks I think I could have had a bidding war and made a fortune. Unfortunately Camerons trousers are WAY too big so I need to do it all again another day. Bah!
I did manage to take a photo of my local coffee shop though for the scavenger hunt. :)
And it wasn't all boring school clothes lol, I popped into Primark and bought these for the kids. Cameron's a dinosaur and Caitlin is a bunny. It was way too hot to wear them but they had to try them on. I also got Mark a wolf one but he wouldn't let me photograph him in it, meanie. Don't think it helped that when he turned around and we all saw it had a bushy tail we all fell about laughing at him. :p


Thanks for your comments. :)