Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Well today didn't quite go to plan but oh well :) Kids didn't wake up until 10:30 (unheard of!) then when they did wake up I asked them if they wanted to go to the park but they wanted a Pj day, fine with me :) So spent the day doing more odd jobs and playing with the kids :) Caitlin managing to pretty much trash every room she went in for some reason. lol.
Well tonight I'm crafting :) I've got a couple of projects that have got to be done and sent off over the next couple of days so got to get started! Im so pleased I got the storage at the car boot the other week as before a lot was stored in the wardrobe and I'd never use it because I'm too lazy to go get it. Now most of it is to hand :)
Now I've moved my tools to the other tote I have put all my paints, stickles and mists in my old one
In my big tote I've got all my kits (not as many as I'd like lol) and in the new papermania folder I've got my random papers, diecut cardstock and lots of different embellishments.
Tools and my paper scraps that are over 6x6.
all other scraps :)
Well now its all organised hopefully I can get some scrapping done! lol


  1. You look very organised Gemma. I recognise that sheet of card stock in the top pic ;o)


Thanks for your comments. :)