Saturday, 17 August 2013

Happier today :)

Feeling much brighter today. :) I went through my Grans bills last night as turns out money has been a big issue for her. Some of the amounts she was paying were insane! £50 a month on water just for her! Bless her she was scared to get a water meter as she doesnt want to be watching every drop but told her she would use way less than that. Anyway with doing that, changing her TV and phone package etc she'll be saving over £100 a month which is a huge weight off her mind Speaking of money the credit card bill came in this morning so I was able to pay off some other bills, fill the cupboard etc so feeling better about that. I know I'll need to pay it off in October but we'll be better off then so will be ok. We sold my computer for a little more than we thought so went to a town garage sale this morning, where loads of people have garage sales and you walk about and look. Found someone selling off their Skylanders for £1 each! Some were limited edition so we got lots. Worked out that we got about £295 worth of skylanders for £30! camerons made up bless him He's only allowed a couple now and the rest me, Mum and Gran have split between us to give to him at Christmas.
Look, this is what happens when Mum and I like the same t-shirt lol.
Finished that layout I mentioned last night. Almost done scrapping photos of camping last year which is good because we go again next weekend lol. I love these photos. I hate being in front of the camera, and I don't do silly photos at all, feel too self conscious, but with the kids I seem to lose some of that, :) Cameron took this photo of me and caitlin so was only right Caitlin took one of him and Mark lol. I did this for the first Counterfit kit challenge (only a couple behind lol) where you had to do something 'hidden' I hid a journaling tag behind the photo of me and Caitlin.
Well its mine and Marks 'date night' tonight, watching a dvd with junk food :) We live a simple life lol.

ETA - Just a quick note from me, 3 hours ago i made a coffee, I then put it down somewhere and forgot where. The mug is now on the draining board. I have NO memory of drinking that coffee! :S losing my mind!

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  1. Your date night sounds great. Glad you're feeling better and well done on sorting out those bills. Great bargains too :)


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