Monday, 12 August 2013

Bits and bobs :)

I love Mondays in the holidays. It's the only day of the week where nothing is going on, the main housework is still pretty much done from Sunday so we just have a nice relaxing day together doing fun things. :) Today that included:
- Setting up the kids Triops kit, its like the Sea monkeys kit I had when I was little only on a grander scale. I had bought it for their Christmas but when I read the instructions it said they don't really hatch in the winter so decided to give it to them today. Did tell them they would take up to 3 days to hatch but think Caitlins checked about 8 times already this afternoon.
- Starting to bake cookies, I say start because when I went to get the self raising flour I found little, moving black specks in it. Eugh! So the flourless mix is in the fridge until tomorrow when I buy more lol.
- Drawing and colouring
- Using Caitlins Hamma beads. I did think some of the patterns would be too complicated for them but with a little help they managed these :) Clover the bunny (from Sophia the first) bluebird (sleeping beauty) and the magic blue mushroom from Mario. Now technically they don't have a blue mushroom in Mario its either red (more power) or green (extra life) but Cameron decided there should be a blue one which turns Mario into a skylander. Fair enough lol.
- Walk round the shops for sweets and new stickers for sticker album.
- Watching a film 'Madagascar 3' with sweets before bed :)
All in all a really lovely day. :) Back to chaos tomorrow!

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