Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Whats on my workrug today? Photos! I haven't had a photo developed since October last year as I've been trying to use up my old ones first. A whole year with no new photos though is getting a bit daft so I am challenging myself to get ALL of these photos scrapped by the end of October. Probably crazy but worth a shot.
I'm getting kind of bored with them but if I don't scrap them I'll regret it iykwim as they are of some good times, so I know if I get any developed first I'll just put these to the back of the pile; so hoping the 'reward' of new photos will help motivate me to get these done!


  1. That's a good incentive. Hope you get through them. I know I wouldn't!

  2. If anyone can get them all scrapped then it's you! x

  3. That's a good process to follow Gemma. I always have a pile on my desk but occasionally I print a batch of new ones. Sometimes I think it's nice to scrap the really old ones as it takes me back to the day and I can smile and think of the happy memories all over again :) But every so often I have to scrap something that has just happened!

  4. Oh I know that feeling - good luck :)


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