Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lucky boy :)

Well I have a very, very happy little boy in my house tonight. :) As anybody who knows us or reads this blog regularly will know, Cam is currently obsessed with skylanders. A week or so ago I bought a pack of sweets where you had a chance to win a Skylander sidekick by entering a code online. This was the only way to get one of these as they arn't in shops, well unless you count eBay lol. Obviously first time he didn't win, I didn't actually believe anyone did tbh; then today we were at town when he asked for another pack. As he'd been so good I agreed. Got home, put the code in and he actually won! The look on his face was priceless :) He rung my mum and told her too and she was just made up for him :) He now has to wait almost a month to see which one comes in the post though so can see him waiting by the door every morning for the postman!
love this photo of Cam I took today at town. :) I feel like I haven't spent much time with him this holiday as at home he's on the computer or outside, and if we go anywhere he's always about 10 feet in front of me running ahead! So I bribed him with a 'kiddiechino' (cant say babychinno, hes not a baby) to come town with me. Was lovely walking about with him, he even held my hand at a couple of points. I remember when he wouldn't let go, sad to think that phase is almost over.
Well tonight is dvd with hubby and relaxing. Camerons off to his friends house tomorrow so will be ironing and cleaning while Caitlin does crafting. Wouldn't need a dna test to show shes my daughter :)

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