Friday, 16 August 2013


Uber quick post as tbh not in a chatty mood tonight, but did manage some layouts today :) One still needs a little work so Ill share this one. Really simple as I got distracted halfway though and couldn't be bothered when I got back.
Other than scrapping I've been cuddled up with Caitlin most of the day, bless her she always knows when I need a cuddle. :) Also had some good quotes today too :)

Someone on TV mentioned alcohol:
Caitlin - Whats that?
Me - Its a grown up drink, like wine, kids arnt allowed it.
Caitlin - So it makes us go insane and then die?
Me - Yeah lets go with that.

At shops:
Caitlin (very loudly) - Mummy! Am I allowed these sweets or will they make me go high like yours?!
Me - Hyper! I said Mummys sweets would make you hyper because you'd already had a pack of your own!
If you don't hear from me for a while social services have probably been called and I've been arrested pending investigation lol.

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  1. Hope you're ok Gemma, have a few more sweets ;)


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