Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wicksteed park fun day

As I said on my previous post yesterday we went to a fun day at Wicksteed park. :) I did plan to blog about it last night but my mood went really low (it happens) so took myself off to bed early. Better today though so here we go :)
There was a 'kids play' day on which was designed to help promote children right to play. Sadly in my line of work I see lots of families where children don't get to be kids, for reasons ranging from family issues to no money/space for toys and even parents not wanting them to in case they get dirty. I'm not one of those parents lol. If my kids get covered in glue/paint/mud I couldn't care less. The activities were all simple but fun, there was Jenga, tug of war, balls, bats and junk modeling. Had one of those heart attack moments where I turned my back for 2 seconds and couldn't see the kids. Heard them calling then found this lol. The weather was great and the kids had an amazing time just running about and being kids. It was all in a big field so Mark and I could just sit and relax and watch them too.
Obviously we brought a huge picnic, lol, I love picnics. Some of my best memories when I was a kid were big family picnics and bbqs.
LOVE this photo of Caitlin lol, how classy does she look!
Was a great day out :) Today Cameron friend Jack came round so we managed to have a nice day without going far. I also took the kids on another bike ride and jogged alongside them. Something I never thought I'd ever say but I actually like jogging! Those who know me know I don't run, my friend sent me one of those e-cards a while ago saying 'If you see me running you better run too because something is chasing me' lol. But think we might make this a daily thing. :) Will make a change from my shread, getting a bit sick of Jillian Micheals now.
Something I've not done for a while, funny things the kids have said:

Caitlin - Why do me and Cameron wear different clothes?
Me - because you like different things. i don't think cameron would like pink jeans and a sparkly t-shirt.
Caitlin - Well why can't we both dress like ducks?

Caitlin - 'I have long legs Cameron, Mummy has to get my bigger dresses for age 8 and Im only 5 because my legs are so long, they go all the way to the ground, Ive got really long legs, I think my legs are even longer than yours!'
Cameron - As long as I have legs I don't care

Cameron - Can I play with your playdoh ice cream factory?
Caitlin - yeah sure
Few moment later I hear shouting
Caitlin - I said you would play with the factory, not the play doh too!

Caitlin - Why do some people have earrings in their nose?
Cameron - Maybe they missed?


  1. Love it! Their little comments made me chuckle to myself x

  2. The things your kids say have me laughing out loud!!
    Glad you're feeling better and had a great day :)

  3. Love the cardboard box! Classic conversations, aren't they? x

  4. OMG your kids are just so awesome - I hope you are keeping a record of all of these things in a book, just so you can embarrass them later LOL!! I'm with Cameron so long as you have a pair of legs then all is fine with the world!!

    Karen x

  5. Too funny! I've totally forgotten what else I was going to say, after reading your kids' comments!


Thanks for your comments. :)