Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bargains :)

Quick post tonight as I'm exhausted! Caitlin had a nightmare last night which really spooked her so was hard to get to sleep after that, had a busy day including food shopping with my Mum and bargain hunting at our local Argos clearance warehouse. Got a few bargains for Caitlins xmas stored away now :) Best bargains I got this week though were these.
At the car boot on sunday there was a stall which had lots of stamps and craft bits on. I had the look but nothing for me, then Caitlin pipes up 'Mummy that looks like your paper box!' I looked under the table where she was pointing and sure enough there was a tool tote which matched my wheeled tote and carry bag. So that's me got the whole set now :) I also got the paper mania plastic project carrier too. its great as has large 12x12 pockets, but also some 6x12 pockets, and even smaller ones too so its not just for papers. Snapped them both up. Further looking around on stalls and I got 5 bags of buttons, and a 12x12 albums with papers and embellishments. Grand total.....£3.50 :) The tote and case were £1 each, bags of buttons 20p each and 50p for the album.
Theres actually a funny story there, I did see it first time walking round but the woman wanted £2. As I usually use D ring albums I left it. After further thought though I thought it would be a nice gift for Caitlin as Im making a box of 'grown up' scrapping stash for Christmas, so I went back but the woman wasn't there it was a guy. 'How much for the album?' I asked. 'Um, 50p?' Yes please :)
Going back to Wicksteed tomorrow for a fun day and a picnic, kids have gone bed early as I tired them (and myself!) out with a bike ride tonight. I was planning a nice walk but ended up having to jog to keep up! Had a scary moment too, Cameron was going quite fast where he went over a bump, panicked and must have hit the front brake first and went flying. He shattered the horn on his bike, bent the handlebars and scratched the hell out of the frame. Not a mark on him. Seriously! My friend was driving by at the time and she actually turned around thinking we'd need a lift to A&E and couldn't believe he was fine. Poor Caitlin was shook up though. They fight but they adore each other really. When he fell she screamed and dumped her bike, I was checking him over and could see her fretting about what to do out of the corner of my eye, suddenly she ran back to the bike, grabbed her new teddy and shoved it into Camerons arms, giving him a big hug herself and bursting into tears. Was thankfully an uneventful ride home after that!

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  1. What you lot get up to! Glad you're all OK and great bargains :)


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