Saturday, 10 August 2013

August counterfit kit layouts

This month I started with something a little different, a bunch of friends and myself are doing a 'decorated notebook swap' which is exactly what it sounds like lol. Jess, who I was sending to loves pink so I bought a hot pink book then sat and stared at it for ages trying to think of what to do. Then I had a flash of inspiration, Jess pins on pinterest a LOT so maybe there would be some ideas there. Sure enough i found this :)
Now the doilys I had were too big but I came up with this instead. I knew she liked stars and her partner bikes a lot so I tried to make it personalised to her as much as I could. I was sure I had a little wooden turtle somewhere (she has a verne teddy from 'Over the hedge' which is like a mascot) but could I find it?! NO I hunted everywhere for it but no luck. Watch I'll find it now I've gave it to her lol.
Ithink she was pelased with it so thats good :) This is the other layout I did, but the time I finished the book it was late so this was just a quick one. I loved the dark and bright colours in the kit so I stuck with that here. Really old photo from a theme park we went to, Caitlin was really worried the dragon was going to eat her daddy bless her. I did the title Daddy & Dragons because hubby is a huge D&D fan so it was a little nod to him. :)
Keeping with the dark/bright I alternated black glitter buttons with random coloured along the bottom. For a layout that took me not even 10 minutes from start to finish I was quite pleased with it. :)
Well today was another productive busy day. The morning was mainly tidying away clothes, then wrapping lots and lots of christmas gifts lol. I know I'm dreadful. I think with Marks illness though, though hes a lot more stable now before he was so all over the place I seem to need to be ready early, this way if he has to go into hospital I'm not running about like a looney getting everything sorted and caring for him. That and I'm a slight control freak. lol.


  1. Ok I get I have a Pinterest problem lol! I love my notebook thank you! Xx

    1. It's not a problem, in fact was a big help lol

  2. Wow how did you do that layout in 10 minutes! It would take me ten minutes just to stick down the large piece of patterned paper and maybe matt the photo (this would be after I had spent at least an hour choosing papers and the photo and then an hour or two deciding what to do with it :D ) Awww Jess' notebook is very cute, love those people :)

  3. Your note books look lovely and I can't believe you did a brilliant layout in 10 minutes, that's amazing!

  4. You're a whirlwind! I want you by my side next August, to get me ready for Christmas! I can see it totally removes the stress ...

    Lovely notebook for Jess and I love the colours in your layout - all great!


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