Friday 23 August 2013

Hot chocolate spoons

A lot of the time while I'm out I'll see things and think 'I could make that'. A lot of the time I probably can't I just think I can, and other times I probably could but I never get around to it! Earlier this year though when I went to a retreat with some friends we all decided to make little gifts for each other and I decided to try 'Hot chocolate spoons' Id seen these in tescos by 'choc-a-block' for eye watering prices and as usual thought 'I could make that' turns out this time I can lol. They are amazingly simple and so yummy stirred into a mug of hot milk, and as you make them yourself you can add whatever toppings you like too.

You will need:
- Chocolate. You can use cookign chocolate if you like or a brand name like dairy milk or Galaxy, if you use those though add a little milk as it will melt easier when put into the mug.
- Spoons
- Ice cube tray, silicone is best as easier to get the end result out.
- Toppings.
- Large bowl to melt chocolate in.
- Two butter knives.
1 - Melt the chocolate.
2 - Pour chocolate into the molds.
3 - Put spoons into the chocolate. Use knives to balance them while they set.
4 - Wait a little while until it is almost set then add your chosen toppings. If you do it too soon they will sink but if you wait too long you can heat the top slightly with a hair drier.
5 - Wait until fully set and remove from tray.
6 - Wrap in gift bags or however you like :) The bags I've used here I 'borrowed' form my daughter craft box but I usually use ones sized 3" x 1.5" x 7 from ebay. :)


  1. They look great, I could do with one right now :) x

  2. Ah, so that's the secret to getting the spoon to stand up. I did wonder how you did it. Must have a go at these.

  3. oh wow! what a fantastic idea! With so many possibilities ... I have a load of wooden spoons left from a party I could use for this. Would make a great hen party gift too, maybe with heart shapes. thanks for sharing the idea :o)


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