Thursday, 1 August 2013

Funny day

Been one of those funny days where I must have had a curse or something over me lol. First of all alarm didn't go off so woke up late, then poor Caitlins hair was tangled beyond belief so was a nightmare rush to do her hair and calm her down before her friend came to collect her for her play date.
Once Caitlin was off I tidied up a bit then got ready to go town to do a few jobs. Washed my hair, dry it, where's my straighteners? Ok Can't find them, hair now looks like a birds nest, fair enough. Pick up the dresses I need to take back to Next. Wheres the recipts? I know I had them the other day because I was going through all the paperwork I had and it was with that. Hunt everywhere I can think. Ah, it comes to me, I was too clever for my own good and put them with the other bits to go back, all ready bagged up in the garage. Now running very late I grab my sunglasses case and sprint out the door.
Halfway to town I remember I didn't pick up the bag of stuff to go back that was in the garage. AHHH!!!
Get to town and open my sunglasses case, ah, Caitlins decided to put hers in there, no idea where mine are *sigh*
Manage to do a couple of jobs up town before picking up my Mum to go over to Toys r us to get Cameron the free Skylanders from the paper. Get stuck in traffic, MELTING!!! Finally get there, get the toys (yey!) and go for a much needed Starbucks. Put my bag down on a table and go to order when....the electricity goes out. AHHHH!!!! So back home, with crazy hair, melting, no drink, but I got the Skylander toys :) fingers crossed tomorrow goes a little more smoothly!
Quick look at some layouts I've done :) Im not a huge fan of double sided layouts which look like one big one cut in half, but I quite like mirror image ones :) This was from we went camping last year, one of the activities was building fires. Was funny to watch as it started out the kids making little piles of sticks, then the dads took over and they became piramids of wood with kindling inside and all structurally sound lol.
Hoping the kids enjoy it this much this year :)


  1. It could only happen to you Gemma! Hope today is a better day :)

  2. Hope today is better for you - lovely double layout xx


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