Sunday, 4 August 2013

Story telling Sunday. My engagement ring

Well its the first Sunday of the month again. Hard to believe how quick this year is speeding by! As always I picked what I was going to blog about last month, and funnily enough it is very in keeping with Sians story over on her blog. Feel free to have a look at hers and the other amazing storys over at
Story telling sunday once you've read mine of course :)

The precious item I've picked this month is my engagement ring. :) This is very obviously precious but for a number of reasons, I'll get to that but first to how I got it. lol.
When Mark and I first got together I told him, DON'T buy me any expencive jewellery! I'm the worlds worst for breaking and losing it. But he didn't listen. He made a very good wage at the time being manager for Dixons and liked to splurge on £100 earrings, £150 necklaces, £200 rings (makes me ill to think about that now lol). None lasted more than a couple of months. I did try to keep things safe but I just don't seem to have the ability to (still don't to be honest, this year I've broke 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets and lost I don't know how many earrings) All of a sudden Mark stopped coming home with gifts and I thought he'd got the hint. Then we went on holiday to Greece :)
I admit I did have the suspicion that he was going to propose. He knew how much I loved it there and it would be the perfect setting so I was looking out for clues on the way. The ring couldn't be in our suitcases I thought because he wouldn't risk it getting lost, must be in the hand luggage. But then he was asked to put the hand luggage way down the back of the plane as there was no room, and surely he wouldn't allow that if he had the ring in case it was stolen? Maybe he wasn't going to propose then. :( Few nights into the holiday we had dinner on our balcony. We were right on the beach so it was beautiful. Mark said he was going to get some ice cream from the parlour round the corner he'd be back in a moment. Two minutes later he was back on one knee holding out this ring :) I admit I have NO idea what he said as I just grabbed him and hugged him. I'm not even sure if I actually said yes thinking back lol. He put the ring on, hugged me, then to my eternal teasing I asked where my ice cream was and when he didn't have any I sent him off to get some. lol.
It wasn't until later that Mark pointed out the second diamond inside and I asked the question I wish I hadn't 'How much did this cost?!' I won't tell you the price but it was more than our current car. Turned out Mark HADN'T took the hint, he'd just been saving up for an even bigger piece of jewellery. However (touch wood) I still have it :)
So really there are 3 reasons this ring is special to me:
1 - It is a symbol of Marks love for me.
2 - 7 years down the line I still have it!
3 - It fits! lol. When we got engaged I was a size 8. 2 kids and lots of life later I went up to 16-18 and I couldn't wear it anymore. Last year after much dieting and exercise I can wear it again :) (though never again going to be an 8 lol)


  1. So glad that you still have and can wear the ring - what a romantic man Mark is :)

  2. That sounds like an ideal proposal! I would have asked for the ice-cream too!

  3. So glad you can wear your precious ring again. Your husband sounds a wonderful guy.

  4. Aww, such a lovely proposal story!! x

  5. Awww such a sweet story Gemma and I am very glad you can wear your ring again :)

  6. What a romantic way to propose - hubby and the ring are both keepers, it seems. Lucky you!

  7. What a brilliant choice for this month Gemma. Made me smile a lot. it's a lovely romantic story..all that careful saving up! Thanks for linking us up in August :)

  8. That's a really lovely story and I'm so pleased you still have the ring x

  9. I've been through more phases of being able/not being able to wear my rings, so I know what a joy it is when you can! Nice simple ring, wonderful romantic man!

  10. So where had he hidden it or did he buy it from the icre cream parlour?

    1. He had hid it in the hand luggage, he just wasn't worried about it being stolen!

  11. heheheheh! I would have asked where the ice-cream was too! A fab story :-)


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