Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sports day

Today we were supposed to be going on a day trip, but poor Cam woke up looking like a ghost and crying his stomach hurt, Caitlin didn't want to go without him so we decided to stay home. Good job too as throughout the day we all seem to have come down with it. Cam seems fine now though so I'm thinking its just a 24 hour bug. Was a nice day really, got all the ironing done, a few craft projects finished and parcelled up to be sent to their new owners (hope they like them) and a practice wedding weight for a friend. :) Also managed a layout too :)
Quick one for the counterfit kit challenge to use scraps. All the papers used were from my scraps box, still trying to make it smaller!
Good quote from Cameron today, made some chocolare rice crispy cakes with the kids, as usual I put raisens in to make them somewhat healthy lol.

Cameron - I don't like chocolate and raisens together.
Me - You love chocolate covered raisens!
Cameron - yeah those are different.

Also playing monopoly with the kids, landed on Caitlins house and needed to pay her £200.
Me - I only have £120 can I owe you?
Caitlin shakes her head very slowly 'No' Makes me sell a property to pay.
I'll remember that!


  1. It sounds like you made the most of the day given you needed to stay put. Cute page. I hope everyone is back up to par soon.

  2. Love the layout Gemma, that is a beautiful photo! Speaking of craft projects, I have finished your notebook and will send it off as soon as I can although it might not be till Tuesday now! :)

  3. Fabulous layout, hope you all feel better soon :)


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