Friday, 12 April 2013

Bad Mummy

I'm a bad Mummy today. This morning Caitlin started it off well with this cracking comment:
Cameron - Can I watch Mario on tv?
Me - yeah sure
Caitlin - But I don't want to! Cameron has a much better life than me!
Seriously Caitlin, it was 10 past 9! Bit early to start the drama! Then they weren't allowed out to play because it was raining (obviously my fault) then the computer game we rented for them from Lovefilm the other week (this one) they found out I got a bit addicted and completed it. Woops.

Finally after driving my Gran about all morning to various Drs appointments I was too tired to make mashed potato to go with the pie I'd made so I just got some chips from the chippy instead. i think this redeemed me a bit in the kids minds but not really the healthy dinner I was aiming for. Oh well.
Dreading this weekend, tomorrow Caitlin has a dance show and award presentation. Might be fun buts its on for 3 hours, she has to sit and watch all the other groups dance then do hers. Its a lot to ask a 4 year old I think particually 4-7 when she usually goes bed at 7. Its also 'bring your own food, drinks and glasses' Glasses?! Ok your own food and drink but they couldn't have put out some plastic cups or something?! Got to laugh.

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