Friday, 26 April 2013

just big kids

super quick post tonight as got to get to bed ready for the party tomorrow :) Didnt get half as much done today as I would have liked, headache this afternoon meant I had to lie down for a bit, then when the kids came home from school my Mum, Dad and Evie came round for a visit. Was the most I've laughed in a while. I discovered this afternoon how to put Youtube on the tv and the kids discovered 'funny cat' videos. They were in hysterics! Honestly I said to Mark we enevr need to buy another dvd or anything again. With the kids birthdays coming up we got a bit sentimental talking about shows they watched as kids and did a search on a few. This resulted in finding a program from Baby tv called egg birds.
Basically its a group of eggs with beaks and hair. They're all pretty colours and patterns except one which is just white. They come across a washing line with two sheets on it making stage curtains, the white egg goes behind and dresses up as something in 3 stages and at each stage we have to guess what he is. Well the adults got into it a bit, at one point we were all shouting 'Whale, hes a whale! What?! A helicopter!? Well thats just stupid!' The kids were actually rolling on the floor laughing so much.

Well off to bed, got lots of sandwhiches to make and balloons to blow up tomorrow. Should be fun :)

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