Monday, 1 April 2013

Last ones :)

Im so tired! I'm not sleeping great anyway but last night my niece stayed over and I never sleep well when other peoples kids are in the house. Today is our last quiet day before our busy week so kids are happily eating chocolate and doing jigsaws so hopefully a minor nap for me soon. Tomorrow we have the cars MOT (fingers crossed its ok) wednesday we're taking the kids to the cinema, thursday we're going to the childrens center and after that we're keeping open to see when Grandads funeral is. Im dreading it obviously but really worried about what on earth to do with the kids. They can't go, the sight of seeing everyone crying will really upset them let alone the whole service, and obviously all my family will be there so can't ask anyone to babysit. :( I've often thought there should be some kind of service, nursery places or something that parents can use as a one off in emergencies, America seems to have babysitting services you can ring up and have people come round but we don't really have anything like that here. Oh well I'll figure it out.
These are the last layouts from the Sarahs cards retreat, really should do some of my own crafting now. Anyway, this was a class by Claire Wheatley, I admit I was dreading this one when i sat down as I don't do fiddly and this one had a very fiddly origami bow. However I loved it! The bow is SO easy and actually kind of relaxing to do, made a load more that night for the other girls who didn't want to do theirs lol.

Quite pleased with my bow :)

This was one I did myself. When Mark was staying overnight in hospital I couldn't sleep, so brought both the kids into my bed with me :) They looked so adorable and so alike I couldn't resist taking a picture :)

Love this little charm, its from a toilitries bag from boots lol.

Well suppose I better go try and get some sleep! Got the MOT tomorrow and Granny goes to get Grandads death certificate so need to start planning the funeral too.


  1. Great layouts and that bow looks amazing. Good luck with the MOT x

  2. Love your second layout, such a beautiful photo :)
    Hope all goes well this week.

  3. Two lovely layouts - don't forget to let me have the instructions for how to do the bow.

    Hope all goes well this week and you manage to sort something out for the funeral. Shame I don't live near you - I would have looked after them for you xx

  4. Lovely pages Gemma but I absolutely love the second one - that charm is too cute! Shame we don't live nearer or I could have leant you dd for the baby sitting x

  5. Gorgeous pages Gemma, I just love the photo of the two of them sleeping, so sweet! It is hard with funerals, my husbands aunt died a couple of months ago and in the end he just went to the funeral and I stayed home with the kids. I hope you manage to find a solution. ((hugs))


Thanks for your comments. :)