Sunday, 28 April 2013

Better late than never

On UKS I'm in a group where a member sets a sketch for us all to follow each month. I'm seriously behind lol. This is Februarys and I havent even started March! Used more photos from Turkey for this one, this time of Caitlin skipping stones.

It was a single page sketch but I had a few photos so decided to make it a double layout instead. the title is 'Skipping stones in the sand' which is explained in the journaling lol.

Here it says about how Caitlin wanted to skip stones in the sea like the boys, however she was scared because of the wind making the waves really loud so wouldnt actually stand anywhere near the sea. Bless her she tried so hard to throw to the sea but as she was about 15 feet away they were all landing on the sand. She was so excited however me and Mum would pretend we could see them splashign in the water. Caitlin got so excited and kept throwing. :) I tell my kids not to lie all the time but sometimes its a good thing :)

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  1. That's a great layout with a really lovely story x


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