Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I did scrap I swear!

Today seems to have gone on for about a week. Caitlin slept in our bed last night so I was on the couch. Had weird dreams and woke up with a sore back so not the best of sleep! Sorted out caitlins toys and tidied her room this morning then had to go town in the afternoon. Did a few jobs then stopped for some refueling :)

Love these, raspberry and orange fruit cooler from Costa, tastes like sherbert. Couldn't believe it though, for ages our poundworld has had Disney pop up baskets for ages, while sorting Caitlins toys I thought one would be a good idea for her dress up toys, can I find one?! Ugh, watch I'll buy something else and then they'll start selling them again lol.
Well tonight I did manage some scrapping! Sorted out my alphas, huge pile for Caitlin again, and titled some old layouts which have been waiting a while. Light is dreadful to get a photo however so will take some tomorrow. :)

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