Sunday, 14 April 2013

Long weekend!

So tired after a very long weekend! After Caitlin's dancing yesterday it was Cameron's turn today with his karate grading :) I won't even go into what a complete joke of an organisation I think it was but will instead focus on the positive :) Cameron loved it, as usual and it was so cute to see him doing all his kicks and punches. He took it so seriously!

Usually Cameron's by far the biggest kid in any group he's in, so you can imagine how much older all the other kids must have been when you see how tiny he is in this picture.

He did really well and was given his yellow belt at the end. He's so proud of himself and think he would have wore it to bed if we let him. We agreed he could take it to school tomorrow and show his friends in class so that's pleased him.
Gutted on the way home though one of my indicator lights burnt out! So instead of the relaxing morning I was planning we're off to halfords. Thouch wood its just the bulb and not a more expensive problem.


  1. Congratulations to Callum!!

  2. Congrats Cameron - hope you got your indicator sorted :)


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