Monday, 15 April 2013

Moisteriser review, simple vs E45

As some of you will know I'm a bzz agent. That means now and again I'm sent products to test. This time I was sent some E45 moisterising lotion. I usually use Simple hydrating light moisteriser so will base this review in comparison to that.

E45 - Very basic and clinical looking. Looks more like something you would be prescribed than a day to day moisteriser. Large bottle which is good if you plan to use it for your body rather than one specific area. Squeezy bottle so easy to get cream out.
Simple - Much smaller but prettier. Has colour so more attractive and eye catching. Colour is still muted however to give it a 'natural' feel. however it is a pour top bottle so while its fine when the bottle is full, as it empties it is difficuilt to get out, often leaving quite an amount inside unaccessible.
Winner - Draw, Simple is prettier but E45 is easier to use.

Both are unperfumed but still have a slight sent to them.
E45 - Slight smell, reminds me of suncream. Not unpleasent and could be easily covered by perfume or body spray but did get a bit sickly smelling during use.
Simple - Also slight smell, reminds me of cucumbers. Crisper but still could be covered by perfume or body spray.
Winner - Simple

E45 - £1.50 per 100ml
Simple - £2.40 per 100ml
Both from Asda so each may be cheaper elsewhere
Winner - E45

Apllication and use.
E45 - Cream is quite runny, again similar to suncream (or melting ice cream according to Caitlin) very easy to apply but takes a while to rub in, leaves a slight sticky residue for a while but feels noticeably soft (almost powdery) after that.
Simple - Much thicker, rubs in much quicker also but while it leave skin feeling smooth its not as soft.
Winner - Draw, E45 gives slightly better results, but is much harder to use.

Overall with everything taken into consideration both products are as good as each other depending on how you want to use them. If you only have slight problem areas, such as hands or face, Simple is a better product; however for all over use E45 is the best.

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