Monday, 29 April 2013

Happy birthday baby boy :)

Six years ago after a very long and difficuilt birth my amazing baby boy was born :)

I don't have any nice photos of me and him as I was really ill after midwife was useless and gave me pethadine too close to the end so I was off my head. She also said I was fine and tried to send me home, good job my Dad couldn't give me a lift as I had 3rd degree tears and almost died form blood loss, but he was worth it :)
Ignoring the scary part it was actually a funny birth. He was a week overdue and I was HUGE and uncomfortable so was desperate to get him out! I couldn't even put my socks on mark had to do it for me lol. My sister had tried all the usual stuff to have my niece, pineapple, cod liver oil etc and it never worked so I went for a more physical attempt, walking. Friday we went for a walk at east carlton park, didn't work, lol. Saturday morning tried again by going to 'The mad mile' car boot sale. We walked around it 5 times so about 5 miles. Think I over did it as walking back to the car I was pretty much shuffling, Luckily my mum and dad had come too so my dad went and got his car so he could come back and give me a lift to mine lol. Now at the time I didn't think it had done the job so I went home and had a sleep. My Dad and Mark were working in the garden and my Mum was doing the housework downstairs, everyone acting as normal, except the cat. Back then we had a cat called Sadie. We'd had her from a kitten from a woman giving out kittens from the boot of her car at a Morrisons supermarket; yeah I know, mad. She was never allowed upstairs and never bothered about it but that day she would not leave me alone. I had closed the door to get a sleep but she kept crying and scratching to get in. I eventually let her and she lay next to me and would not move. In hindsight I should have figured something was up but at the time I was too tired.
I was still too tired to make dinner so my Mum suggested going to her house for a takeaway curry, another attempt. My back was killing me by now but I thought it was just the walking so off we went. One curry later and my back pains were getting worse. Around now Mum pointed out sometimes contractions can be back pain rather than stomach so we started tracking them on the only thing we had to hand, the takeaway menu lol. I even used it on a layout I did later. :)

After that things started progressing pretty quick. The downstairs layout of my mums house is a livingroom which has two doors, one leads into a dining room, which leads to the kitchen, which leads to the other door to the livingroom in a big circle. My Mum hates this but that night I loved it lol. I just walked round and round in circles for ages. About 1am Mum decided it was time to ring my sister who was going to be my other birthing partner. She was at a party so came back a bit tipsy and very hyper. I made her go brush her teeth as I was really sensitive to smells and the smell of drink was making me ill! It was really quite surreal looking back, I was walking round in circles, Nicky was jumping up and down in a hyper state, Mum was watering the grass in the garden and Mark and Bri were eating ice creams in the living room.
By this point I was in agony so decided he must almost be here to went to hospital. Nurse examined me and I swear I almost hit her when she said I was only 1cm dialated. I went back home for another couple of hours and then came back.
I'll spare you the gory details but long story short it was a nightmare. Cameron was back to back, was HUGE and I was given drugs too close to pushing so he took longer than he should have done to be born. Thank god for my sister telling me how to breathe and push because tbh the midwives were useless. I don't actually remember Cameron being born, apprently I insisted he was an alien and wouldnt hold him :( but that wore off and obviously when I 'woke up' I adored him. :) Mum and Mark still tease me because I lost so much blood and I needed transfusions. I needed 3 pints of blood they had only gave me one and a half when I said I'd had enough and was going home. I admit I'm stuborrn and by that point I'd had enough. I don't like needles at the best of times so the nurse put one in my hand, then when that blocked she needed to put one in the other hand but she messed it up so said she needed to try again. Nope, had enough now I'm off. I had to sign all kinds of letters sayign I was leaving against medical advice and to be honest I was pretty ill for the next couple of weeks but it all worked out fine lol.
Even though it was a nightmare, and I swore he would be an only child so I'd never go through it again (obviously Caitlin had different ideas!) My amazing baby boy was worth every moment :)


  1. Happy Birthday Cameron! Our dog knew I was in labour before we did too - that sixth sense :)

  2. Happy birthday Cameron, have a great day. I had a back to back but it was so much better than yours x


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