Thursday, 11 April 2013

Getting there :)

Today was a surprisingly enjoyable day :) This morning Caitlins friend Lucy and her Mum came round so the girls could play, you wouldn't have known there were any kids in the house! I was wrapping gifts in the bedroom and actually had to go check and they were so silent lol. Cameron and I left them to it and went to do jobs around the town. Lots of here and there jobs needed done, picking up medication for mark, prescription for Caitlin, few bits of shopping up town, going to the council for gran etc. Cameron bless him was an absolute star! Mum wanted to meet for coffee before I went home so treated him to a hot choc with whipped cream and marshmallows. You can't see too well in this picture but his face was covered in chocolate lol. I don't often get to spend time just me and Cam so I really enjoyed our afternoon together :)

Feeling better now that all those little jobs have been done and can be crossed off the list. Still no mojo though but enjoyed sorting through my stash yesterday so plan to sort this box tonight.

All my brads and pins used to be nicely organised but then I dropped the box :( Quite looking forward to sorting them out again lol. Next will be my alphas box :)
And look! A month later Camerons Karate uniform finally got here! irritated it took so long but doesn't he look cute!

Got to take Granny to the drs tomorrow, shes had a bad hip for a few weeks now but its getting worse so she agreed to go to the dr. Got to make a card at some point for Mark too, its our 7 year wedding anniversary Saturday :) We plan to celebrate with dinner and watching Britains got Talent, who said romance was dead :p

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  1. I always feel good when I can tick things off my list - I've been doing a lot of that this week :D
    Great photos of Cameron :)


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