Friday, 19 April 2013

I WILL scrap

Well it was my Grandads funeral on Wednesday, and to be honest I've pretty much slept since then. I think it was more draining on me than I realised. It went well though, my Gran was pleased so thats the main thing. Was nice for all the grandkids to get together and remember him as we all live quite far apart. One big thing when we were growing up was Grandads garden, he would grow so many different things, peas, potatos, strawberries etc. There were loads more but those were the ones we helped with. The idea of giving the kids a huge bowl of pea pods and asking them to shell them seems insane but we used to love doing it. We also used to love when the strawberries were ready :) think we drove grandad mad as as soon as the tiny little green ones were out we were bugging him asking if we could eat them yet lol. He drove our parents mad in turn however as he showed us how nice strawberries dipped in sugar are! A nice healthy snack ruined :) As tribute to an amazing Grandad I took a huge bowl of strawberries and sugar to the wake. I bet I looked a little mental cutting up strawberries in Asda car park dressed all in black but it was worth it :)
Well tonight the kids are currently watching this. I LOVE this film and think its seriously underrated. The kids obviously agree and they've been in hysterics for most of it :) The dvd is seriously old and scratched to hell so based on this reaction Marks agreed its worth getting the Blue ray, yey!

Funny photo I took today, walked round the corner to find the neighbours seem to have a strange new plant, lol. Very odd cat we have.

Tomorrow we're taking the kids to a pond dipping lesson at the park, should be fun if the weather is as nice as its supposed to be :) Im also determined that sometime over the weekend I will scrap, even if its just one layout! Wish me luck lol


  1. Glad the funeral went well and what a wonderful thing to do to take along the strawberries and sugar. Hope the pond dipping goes well xx

  2. What a lovely gesture, Gemma, your Grandad would be smiling down from heaven with sugar around his mouth :)


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