Thursday, 25 April 2013

Iron man 3

As you may have guessed by the title today we went to see Iron man 3. I only usually go and see films on Wednesday as it's buy one get one free, but I'm a HUGE fan of Iron man so couldn't wait to see it so we went today.

Now I loved the film, it was funny, clever and the action scenes were great. The ending was, well worrying though. I won't say exactly how it ends, but it very much ends, there is no room what so ever for another film. As the end to the Iron man trilogy it was great, all wrapped up well with a nice ending, but leaves me wondering, WHAT ABOUT AVENGERS 2?!?! They can't do it without Iron man, and if they have a form of Iron man and its not Robert Downey Jr playing him then that's just wrong. So I'm sulking and looking on google for any word thats he's signed up to Avengers 2. But really it was a great film, I'd go see it again tonight if I could lol.
All in all its been a great day really, this morning I was working with the kids in class on an interesting art project. They were asked 'If God was a food what would he be?' Now there were the usual answers, he'd be crisps because I like crisps, he's be Jelly because jelly is nice and so is he, but there were some very deep answers which I found surprising from a group of 6 and 7 year olds. Such as -
- God would be Pizza as it takes many forms like him.
- God would be a meatball because it's round like the world he created
- God would be water because everyone needs him
And my fave
- God would be a chocolate bar because my Mummy says chocolate makes her happy and god makes me happy.
How sweet! Speaking of sweet, look at the card Caitlin made for me :) Now she makes me loads of cards and pictures, seriously usually 4 a day, but this one is special because she actually sounded out and wrote this herself. :) In case you don't speak 'kid' it says 'for my Mum, love me, Caitlin' Ok so she made a few mistakes but still really proud. She struggles with her letters and reading so this is a really good attempt by her.

As usual has an adorable drawing inside too :)

Busy day again tomorrow. My Gran has a phisio appoinment in the morning which I'm taking her too, then got to return some clothes to Next and back to start sorting things for this kids birthday party Saturday :)

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  1. Those are the sorts of cards that will be kept forever - so sweet :)


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