Sunday, 21 April 2013

Oh well, will try again tomorrow

Well I was determined to do some scrapping over the weekend, I even got out some bits and planned a layout. But before even cutting into a sheet I had other things to do so its now all piled up here.

This week is pretty crammed but will try and do some at some point, I'm SO behind on my challenges. I did manage some kind of crafting though, I painted the little boxes for the kids party on Saturday :) I've got some cheap gems and glitter glues and all that so hopefully the kids will enjoy decorating them.

Been a boring day today, ironing, cleaning, visiing my gran and dealing with the kids. Cameron today has been a nightmare, fighting with his sister (kicking her on one occasion) arguing, whining, having a major temper tantrum before bed. Honestly I was SO angry with him at bedtime I actually got a martini to calm down. Was just starting to relax when I heard him crying in pain :( his legs were hurting him again poor baby. All anger and annoyance was forgotten while I cuddled him and calmed him down. They're a pain in the behind at times but still love them to bits. :)


  1. You'll get there!!! Hope Cameron's growing pains subside soon :)

  2. Growing pains are the worst - boxes are looking good :)

  3. Oh dear, poor Cameron! Kieran had really bad growing pains for years, I think they only really eased up about a year ago. I used to sit and stroke them quite firmly for a while I(almost like a massage)and then give him a hot water bottle to lie across them and that would eventually help get him to sleep. Your party ideas sound fab! I hope you get to do some scrapbooking soon :)

  4. Poor Cameron, maybe the pain was building up and he took it out on Caitlin x


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