Thursday, 4 April 2013

bad start but good ending :)

This morning was RUBBISH! had a dreadful nights sleep due to my back so bribed the kids with DS's in bed to get an extra half hour. Then Mum rang and asked for help looking for order of services online. Bah. Then lots of little errands to run which HAD to be done today. Unfortunatly mark was having a good mental day but bad physical one, so while he was ok to stay home with the kids for an hour it meant I had to do them all on my own as he wasn't up to coming along. I hate going to town on my own as its so depressing and I think everyone's looking at me for some reason :s. I used to get panic attacks when I was in crowds so probably a lesser version of that. Anyway I came home, frozen and cranky to find two very happy kids, :) These came in the post today.

Remember the models the kids made, well these are the treats the company sent them along with a huge box of the packing peanuts (thats tomorrow sorted lol) so a cup of tea and a caramel cup later I was feeling more myself lol. The afternoon was pretty relaxing, the flowers for Granddads funeral were not exactly in my budget so more sorting stuff to sell was the order of the day. Luckily I've sold most of it (if everyone collects) so feeling less worried about that. Mark slept most of the afternoon and the kids played their computers so very chilled out. Until about 7:30 when I saw someone on facebook selling a brand new 3ds game for £3! She was moving and needed it gone so because so many people wanted it she said 'first to get there gets it!' That was it, rushed kids in pjs into the car and drive down, and yey I was first lol. Nice cheap little gift for Cams birthday :)


  1. I'm pleased that your day got better x

  2. And you say you never get a bargain!!!

  3. LOL Great bargain!!

    Hope you have a better day today xx

  4. What a great bargain and happy for you that the day got better x


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