Saturday, 6 April 2013


When I said at the start of the year i would blog every day i don't think I realised just how dull I was lol. Yesterday I did mean to blog but forgot, not that i did anything anyway. We stayed home, I did housework and played some games with the kids, Mark slept most of the day then we watched some tv. Rock and roll. The highlight of my day was watching '16 Kids and coutning' and laughing my head off at the woman caught shopping in the market in a bright pink onsie. OMG I would DIE! There seems to be loads of people these days who just can't be bothered getting dressed, no joke I saw a Mum picking up her kids from school the other week in her PJs. I mean I can kind of understand dropping them off in her pjs but you've had all day woman! As dull as I am the worst I've done is pull a hat over my hair rather than brush it lol.
Today wasn't much more exciting, woke up, tidied up and went to visit my Granny with the kids. It's the first time shes seen Cameron in weeks and bless him he was so excited :) Was a nice visit, though Granny wasn't as lively as she usually is but thats to be expected. kids have gone to bed early tonight as we managed to sell pretty much all our stuff so are taking a trip to Wicksteed park tomorrow :) Don't go often because parking is about £8 but on Sunday mornings before 10 its only £1.50. So packed a picnic and keeping our fingers crossed for some sun!

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  1. Hope you had a great time at the park. Seeing young girls out in the rollers is my bug bear at the minute!!!


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