Saturday, 13 April 2013

Seven years

7 years ago today this happened :)

Yep me and Mark got married. Can't believe its been so long already! We were supposed to be married on May 3rd but due to Marks health it was brought forward. Good thing too really as May 3rd ended up being Caitlins birthday.
Today I'm also a VERY proud Mummy :) Caitlin had her dance show and her award for passing her first dance exam. She was so tired she went to bed as soon as we got back but I will get a nice picture tomorrow. It was lovely seeing her doing all her dances and dancing with her friends, shes very co-ordinated though god knows where she gets it from!
It seems to be a weekend for my talented kids as tomorrow Cameron has another karate exam, this time for his yellow belt. Hes looking forward to it which is good but 2 hours of sitting and watching other kids might be a bit much I think. Fingers crossed he finds it entertaining!


  1. Aww, happy anniversary. Well done to Caitlin for passing her exam x


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