Tuesday, 16 April 2013

No willpower, but keeps me busy

Remember how I said the kids were NOT getting a birthday party because we were going on holiday not long after? Well that changed to 'a us only mini party so we didnt have to take all their gifts with us' which then changed to 'a small family only party so they can get their family gifts before we leave' which then changed to 'oh ok you can invite ONE friend each to the party' So it is now officially a party, lol. I plan to keep costs down to a minimum though in the following ways:
- Cheap piniata from home bargains, £5 including sweets. Entertainment, plus will put the sweets in their gift bags once done.
- Pancake decorating, want to keep costs down on food, so will make a pile of pancakes, some icing, sweets and fruit and let the kids decorate and eat them. Food and fun :)
- Decorate boxes. Got some little chipboard boxes from the Range for 30p each. Going to paint them all white and let the kids decorate them with my craft scraps. Fun and another thing to go in their party bags once done lol.
Did all the shopping for it today and including food, balloons, party bags etc came to just under £20 :) Not bad I thought.
On the subject of the kids birthdays, I got Caitlin a gift today :) She said she want's most of her gifts to come from Disneyland which is fine but I wanted something for her to open at her party. This morning she got her first piece of mail from my lovely friend Lesley and she was almost as excited about getting a letter as she was about the DVD it contained. So I got her this :)

Its a subscription to a new crafting magazine out aimed at little girls. I've seen it in shops but at £5 was a bit reluctant to try it. An ad popped up at the side of a screen tonight so I decided to have a look and they have an offer on for 3 issues for £6. Bargain!


  1. You'll be inviting the Queen next ;)

  2. Sounds like it's going to be a fun party, can't wait to see the pictures :) x


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