Monday, 8 April 2013

Look what I got :)

I was very excited this morning to get a letter with the Disneyland postmark, and look!

Its only our eurostar tickets but still :) Also Disney related I rang up the dining hotline, that was a laugh! We booked the half board plus dining package for while we are there, but the princess lunch is only covered by the half board premium package. I'd been told before that we could use the value of our vouchers against the price of the meal and just pay the excess so I wanted to know what the excess would be. Conversation went like this:
Me - How much is the princess meal?
Her - 65 euros per adult and 30 per child.
Me - Ok, how much will it be if we use our Plus vouchers?
Her - Well the vouchers are worth 33 euros per adult and 12 per child, so it will be 45 euros per adult and 35 euros per child.
Huh!? No matter what I said she insisted she was right, so I rang back and got someone else and got a more sensible answer. Still wasn't the right amount by my maths but was a lot closer lol.
Well have my eldest niece staying tonight, I made some biscuits and they decorated them with sweets and iceing so they're quietly sitting eating and watching tv. Enjoying the peace while it lasts lol


  1. I love Disneyland - hope you have a wonderful holiday! Part of the holiday for me is the anticipation and I would be just as excited as you to receive the tickets in the post!

  2. Glad everything is falling into place :)


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