Saturday, 20 April 2013

My saturday

Well today was a fun day :) We were going to east carlton for a pond dipping lesson with Wildlife Watch. Its a great orgnaisation with really cheap days out once a month for kids. £1 a child with lots of activities. Obviously with such a big day ahead we needed a good breakfast to set us up for the day :) Cameron true to form had a huge plate of scrambled eggs (3 eggs), toast and bacon (3 slices) then moaned because Caitlin had a snigle slice of chocolate spread on toast and he had none! I seriously wonder where that kid puts his food as hes a rake!

Pond dipping was fun, well it was fun for the kids I spent most of my time holding onto them and freaking out they might fall in lol. They loved it thought and caught lots of little wiggly pond worms and frog spawn. They also made some dragonflies which they had a great time playing with. As I was too busy trying to prevent a sudden swimming lesson I didn't get a chance to take any pictures then so got some when playing with the dragonflies :)

This is my plan for tonight :) Though the bowl of strawberries might be refilled with chocolate ice cream later on lol. The books were ones I read when I was in college and loved them. Somewhere between the many moves since then I've lost them :( Been looking ages then found the first and third one from a guy at a car boot (why he only had those I don't know) I was planning on continuing the search for the second and third but as I've almost finished the first I gave in and ordered them from Amazon. Was quite surprised as was only £5 for both and as I had some money in paypal from doing questionaires it didnt cost any 'real' money anyway :)

Still holding out hope Ill do some crafting this weekend lol


  1. Looks like the kids had a great day :)

  2. Sounds like they had a great day pond dipping x


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