Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I feel so old!

OMG I feel old today! This morning the name of a child I used to teach in reception during training popped up on fb, so me being nosy had a look to see what he was up to these days, to be greeted by pictures of his wife and daughter! PJ and Duncan being back at number one doesn't help lol, every time I hear it someones saying '19 years ago when it was first released' OMG was it that long ago?! I remember buying their album from the market with my cousin lol. Also, and this pains me to admit it, I've actually been reading (and enjoying) this

Thats it, I've become my mother. *facepalm*
on a good note though the car passed the mot YEY! Was pretty amazed lol, another amazing thing was we walked into the waiting room to see our old couch we sold on facebook lol. Small world. really excited about tomorrow too, the kids must be picking up on the atmosphere or they're a lot sadder than they let on because they have been VERY clingy lately. They were watching TV today and I had Caitlin on my knee hugging me and Cameron sitting hugging my legs, so treating them to the cinema and pizza afterwards. Caitlin asked yesterday when Granddad was coming back from heaven to visit, when I explained he can't she got quite upset so think its sinking in to them now. Hopefully a nice day out with Mummy and Daddy might help :) Starting to organise the funeral, the crem doesnt seem to have an opening until the 15th which on one hand is bad because its so far away, but on the other is good because kids will be at school so that's one less thing to worry about. We'll see.
Funny comments from the past few days:

Cameron singing 'one way or another' - 'I will burn down your house, and break your door down!' Harsh son! lol

Mark after watching Dr Who, goes into kitchen and the lights flicker - 'They're in the wifi Gemma!!!'

Cameron explaining Good Friday to Caitlin
'Jesus got taken by some bad guys and stuck on a cross, then he went up to heaven for his new life where he became an alien!'
Nearly choked on my tea lol


  1. I was old the first time it was a hit - so feeling mega old now.

    Love the things your kids say LOL!!

    Great news about the car xx

  2. LOL at the kids' sayings... and Mark's!!

  3. Hope you had a great day out :)

  4. I love the things the kids have been saying :) x


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