Monday, 22 April 2013

So close yet so far

I was going to scrap tonight, I got some layouts out which needed titles, I tipped out all my alphas (look see) and then.......

Caitlin woke up crying. Obviously I'm just not meant to scrap for a while lol. She was really clingy and weepy so let her sit with me for a bit and we ended up looking at daft videos on you tube and we found the coolest thing! Ok granted it doesnt take much to impress me and I THINK I've done a link here but not sure,

if theres nothing above here then no I havent lol. If you google 'Kracie happy kitchen' you will see what I mean. Its basically sweets and mini food form Japan. Now obviously being from Japan its not NORMAL sweets and mini food its things you make yourself. You get little powders and molds and you can make mini cakes, doughnuts and my fave, cheeseburger and chips! I thought these would be seeets but apprently they actually taste like burger and chips. Seriously watch the videos I think they're amazing :) Anyway while watching these we lost track of time and she ended up going back to bed at 10:30. Woops.
Speaking of food Cameron was on top form today, remember how I said about him being constantly hungry? Well we had a cracking conversation on the way home from school today.
Cameron - Whats for dinner?
Me - Sausage pasta bake.
Cameron - But I don't want pasta!
Me - Fine well you can have a sausage roll and veg.
Cameron - But thats not much!
Me - Cameron, we will have pasta, sauce, sausage and vegetables, you will have a roll, sausage and vegtables, the only difference is sauce.
Cameron - But I'll put the sausage and vegetables in the roll so really I only have a sandwhich which is only one thing! I always have 3 seperate things at dinner!
The kid should be in politics when hes older.
One thing Caitlin should NOT be when she older is a mother, lol. She was playing with her doll today and showed the following parenting skills:
- Telling baby off because she is hungry and that means Caitlin needs to go shops.
- leaving baby alone while she goes
- comes back and can't find baby
- puts baby on naughty step because baby 'ate mud and choked'
- rocks baby to sleep upside down while chatting on the phone
- drops baby in the 'pond'
Good job the baby was just a doll and the pond was only our rug!


  1. LOL! You're kids do make me chuckle :)

  2. I love when you blog about things Cameron and Caitlin have been saying, it always cheers me up :) x

  3. Lol - I love Caitlin's parenting skills!! Hope she sleeps better tonight x


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