Sunday, 10 March 2013

Becoming a Mummy :)

With it being mothers day, I thought I would do a blog post all about my journey to become a Mummy :)
Well Mark and I got together in May 2005, we moved pretty fast lol, moving in together after only 2 months and deciding to try for a baby after only 5 months. Yes sounds fast to start trying but we already knew with mark illness conciving might be an issue. Seven months later we got married with no baby bump in sight. Sadly Marks health got worse and almost a year after we started drs agreed to do tests. Mine all came back fine but Mark's sadly came back saying there was a less than 1% chance of us ever having a baby naturally. :( With such poor results most methods to help us would be no good, IVF was an option but after much thinking we decided against it and looked into adoption. Some time later we had our first meeting with the social worker and all seemed to go well. :) Feeling a bit more positive and very drained we decided to blow the last of our savings on a late honeymoon. Because Mark had been so ill we'd had to cancel our original honeymoon in Greece so in late August we went on a last minute trip, it was a nightmare. I was ill the whole time with food poisoning, I stood on an urchin (SO sore!!!) and because of the heat Mark couldn't go into the sun so we spent most of the time inside. We came back feeling more drained than when we went! On our first day back I woke up and went for a shower, seeing a pregnancy test on the side I thought 'may as well' and gave it a shot. Yeah it wasn't food poisoning it was morning sickness :) Two little lines appeared so quickly! I ran in and shook Mark away shoving the test in his face, 'Why are you waving the tv remote at me?!' was his reply!
'It's not a tv remote its a pregnancy test and it's positive!'
'Well what does that mean?' *sigh* he's never been at his best in the morning lol.
After Mark cottoning on and jumping out of bed, trying to put my trousers on and falling on the floor in the process I rang my Mum. Always being the voice of reason she was excited but reminded us sometimes tests give a false positive. Typically, it was the last one in the house so we rushed up town to get some more. However someone up there was having a joke with us that day as it was a Sunday and we were still on greece time, so it wasn't 10am but 9am and nothing was even close to opened. Mark suggested we wait and we went to Mcdonalds for breakfast bumping into one of his mates on the way. Hand on heart I have NO idea what we talked about as my mind was a million miles away, lol. Getting to 10am I lost my patience and decided we had to go to asda. Got there, got some tests (yey!) but the toilets were out of order!!!!! We ran to another mcdonalds across the road and Mark got an empty coke cup which I then took to the toilet (I still laugh when I remember that womans face lol) 3 positive tests later we let ourselves believe it was real and pretty much danced around the dining room, lol. On April 29th after a NIGHTMARE of a birth where I nearly died my baby boy was born :)
Obviously with Cameron being such a miracle we assumed he would be our one and only and while a bit sad we were ok with that :) Obviously you all know that's not what happened though lol.
When Cameron was about 3 months old my Mum took him on his first overnight stay to give us a break. He suffered from colic and night terrors so was a pretty demanding baby. Anyway we settled down with a takeaway to watch a film I'd picked, Fracture. Now I don't know if you've seen that but it's dreadful, so as I picked the film and it was rubbish mark picked what we did instead........
About a month later I was feeling ill, Cameron has just got over a bug so I assumed it was that, my mum however (see voice of reason) pointed out I was only ill until about 11am so could it be morning sickness? Well I thought she was being daft but to placate her I took a test one morning. Unlike before when I was sitting waiting with baited breath I took the test, put it on the side and went and woke Cameron, changed, dressed and fed him. Wasn't until I went back into the bathroom to get a clean towel I saw it, 2 lines!!!
Telling Mark and my Mum and everyone was so funny, everyone just laughed. It was a shock, particualy so close but we were happy about it :) We'd barely had time to fully come to terms with it though when I started bleeding :( As I was in a lot of pain my dr sent me for an emergency scan where we were told I had been pregnant with twins but had lost one. Apprently the damage done when Cameron was born was pretty extencive and obviously hadn't had time to fully heal. We were told to prepare ourselves to lose the other and sent home. Caitlin however started as she continues to made her own rules and was born perfectly healthy :)
Both our babies are little miracles and we are so lucky to have them :)


  1. A lovely story and a lovely photo. Cailtin even poses exactly the same as you!

  2. Lol so she does! Never noticed that

  3. That is such a lovely story and they certainly are miracles x


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