Sunday, 24 March 2013

Let the refreshing begin :)

We have a few items ending on ebay tonight and I always refresh the page obsessivly to see how they're doing lol. Today has been a looooooong day! Cameron has been pretty much bouncing off the walls, and my couches, so I took him for a walk in the hopes some energy would be burned off. Was a bit of a false hope lol. Took us AGES to walk to the shops and back as the snow was up to my knees in places where it had drifted, bought some sweets for Cam and Caitlin and walked back. Calmed him down for about 20 minutes and he was off again! Roll on warmer weather and I can just send him out to the garden!
Still sharing layouts from the retreat but these are ones I did rather than classes iykiwm.
This is one of my favourite photos of Caitlin from Turkey last year. Most of this is from a sarahs cards kit but I used a little of Lesleys washi tape in the top corner. Trying to find a roll of that somewhere as I loved it :)

Another one using the kit but a much older photo lol. One day in Summer I was having a lie in and woke to find Mark and the kids playing in the front garden. There were two train of thoughts running through my head:
1 - Oh look how much fun they're having. :)
2 - Omg look at the state of Caitlin! lol So wanted the layout to reflect this :) Journaling reads:
When Daddy's in charge:
- Faces will not be washed.
- Hair will not be brushed.
- Proper clothes will not be worn
- Lots of fun will be had!

Last one for now :) This was for a sketch challenge over the weekend. I never usually put photos from different times together as I put layouts in cronological order in my folders, but the phrase went so well with all the photos of Caitlin dressed up I decided to give it a go this time. :)

Well Camerons hoping for a snow day tomorrow but as I've got to return stuff to next and make a trip to the post office I'm hoping all the horrible stuff with be gone! Seriously I do usually love snow but its almost April! Feel like we should watch 'The day after tomorrow' for tips on what to do as obviously thats the next step lol.


  1. Three super layouts - I especially love the middle one x

  2. Great layouts Gemma. Hope Cameron's calmed down by now :)

  3. Three really great layouts x

  4. Three lovely pages but I like the sentiment and journalling on the second one especially x


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